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We offer individual or combined assessment and treatment programmes for horse and rider.

Equine Physiotherapy

The musculoskeletal design of the horse is that of a natural athlete and just like a human they are at risk of injury. Consequently the performance of the horse can be affected.

Routine check ups can be a vital aspect of your horse’s health care to identify potential problems and minimise the risk of injury. If injury has occurred physiotherapy is beneficial to promote the natural healing process and restore normal movement and function.

Physiotherapy can help the following common complaints:
  • Performance difficulties and schooling issues
  • Spinal problems, e.g. trauma, sore back, sacroiliac strain, kissing spines
  • Muscle, ligament and tendon injury
  • Joint problems, e.g. osteoarthritis, pain, swelling, stiffness
  • Post surgical rehabilitation

Treatments include:

  • Manipulation, mobilisation and massage
  • Electrotherapy (ie. Laser, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, pulsed shortwave therapy)
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation therapy programmes
  • Professional management advice

Rider Physiotherapy

Altered posture, joint stiffness, injury or pain in the rider will affect the horse’s movement and performance.

Rider specific physiotherapy can identify and treat these imbalances and asymmetrical postures which result in common rider problems such as collapsing, twisting, tipping forward/backward, and ineffective hand, seat and leg aids.

Assessment and treatments are carried out in the treatment room and during ridden work.

Rider Fitness Gym Ball Classes

Our weekly Gym ball exercise classes are designed to meet the specific needs of the horse rider. They will challenge the rider’s postural awareness and core control in addition to maintaining general fitness. Please contact us for information on locations.

Gym ball classes can also be arranged for specific groups or clubs and for riding and pony club camps.

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